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Recent papers and data material

This page contains previous and recent papers and data material.

HE-group Research link to Heriot-Wats University, Prof. Glen Bramley, Main Report Housing needs in the UK

Appendix for "The Social Rented Sector at the Crossroads...", EJHP 2009, EJHPAppendix

The Tables of the Appendix for "Housing and Labor Supply", JHE February 2001, HLSAppendix

The Mathematical Appendix "A Model of Firm Motion" for "Size distribution and the risk pattern of start-up enterprises", paper presented to the Conference EUNIP Dec 2004, Mathappmotion

The Discussion of the "Wealth Position Analysis", Appendix for "The Timing of Home Purchase in Japan", paper presented to the annual ERES-Conference in Dublin, Ireland, June 15-18, 2005, PCliquidity

Ergänzende Abbildungen und Tabellen für Publikation in WISO, "Erwerbsprofile, Einkommensverläufe und Risikogruppen am Arbeitsmarkt", Band 33, 2010/1