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Current fields of research

  • Logitudinal analysis of Income, Employment and Housing based on Markov processes and Cohort analysis
  • The Economics of Social housing, econometric analysis of housing choice
  • Econometric analysis of future rents in residential and commercial estates, and its link to credit scoring: Austria and various CEE countries

Completed projects

The Housing Topos (Der Wohntopos), sponsored by the regional government of Lower Austria. A Longitudinal analysis of the spatial distribution of commercial activities and residential locations

Project centers on the "Production of Space", discussed from Austrian evidence. Main theses:

  1. The greater the local variety of economic activities, the stronger local growth.
  2. Job opportunites opened by greater variety explain current residential trend into urban areas: families and women in particular like to work in the vicinity of their homes.
  3. Challenge for regional politics: Support for sustainable local social coherence by condensing new settlements and improving infrastructures.