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Here you may find information regarding institutes, courses and curricula.


The Research Unit Econometrics and System Theory provides a number of courses in Econometrics and in Time Series Analysis. Most of them are provided within the scope of the Master Degree Programme and the Bachelor Programme Technical Mathematics. There are fundamental lectures as well as special continuative lectures.

The table below gives a short overview of the courses of the research group. The column labeled "T/H/S" contains the codes for the type of the course, the hours of the course per week and a code indicating whether the course is given in the winter- resp. summer- semester. This table is also linked with the respective pages of the courses and currricula in the TU information system TISS

We also supervise diploma theses, master´s theses and doctoral theses in the context of our area of expertise. You can search for examined themes in master´s and diploma theses and in doctoral theses in the publication-database of TU Wien, see diploma- and master´s theses or doctoral theses. Some of the (offered) theses may also be found in TISS.

Courses of the research group

Lecturer Title Number T/H/S Curricula
F. Hubalek, W. Scherrer Introduction to Stochastic Processes and Time Series Analysis 105.593 VO/2/S 033 203, 033 205
105.121 UE/1/S
Ulrike Schneider Introduction to Econometrics 105.596 VO/2/W 033 203
109.012 UE/1/W
Ulrike Schneider Microeconometrics 105.126 VO/3/S 033 203
105.599 UE/1/S
Wolfgang Scherrer Econometrics II 105.600 VU/2/S 033 203
Edwin Deutsch Economic Statistics 105.604 VO/2/S 033 203
W. Scherrer, U. Schneider Seminar in Econometrics with Seminar Paper 105.133 SE/2/S 033 203
W. Scherrer, U. Schneider Project with Bachelor Thesis (Econometrics) 105.598 PR/4/S 033 203
Wolfgang Scherrer Stationary Processes and Time Series Analysis 105.143 VO/3/S 066 395
105.645 UE/1/S
Wolfgang Scherrer AKOEK The Econometrics of Financial Markets 119.031 VO/2/W 066 395, 860 GW
W. Scherrer, U. Schneider AKOEK Seminar in Applied Econometrics 109.002 SE/2/W 066 395, 860 GW
W. Scherrer, U. Schneider AKOEK Project in Econometrics with R 105.651 PR/4/W 066 395, 860 GW
F. Hubalek, W. Scherrer AKOEK/AKFVM Selected Topics in Econometrics, Finance and Insurance 105.673 SE/2/W 860 GW
Ulrike Schneider Econometrics for Business Informatics 105.628 VU/2/S 066 926